The Ca’n Bonico recipes: ginger brownie

We are happy to continue to share the recipes from our chef, Filippo Calia, with all of you. We want you to enjoy our gastronomic concept at the Ca’n Bonico Restaurant (open to hotel guests and visitors), but we also want you to take a part of us home with you as soon as you leave the island. This time we will tempt you with a delicious ginger brownie!

Ca’n Bonico recipes: ginger brownie

Ingredients (for 6 pax):
150g of black chocolate
200g ginger powder
200g sugar
80g flour
4 eggs
10 walnuts

Put the eggs in a bowl, beat them and add the sugar slowly. Chop the chocolate and butter, put them in a bowl and cook it in a double-boiler, stirring it carefully. Once it has melted, add this mix to the egg bowl and stir it. On the other hand, mix the flour with the ginger and the peeled and chopped walnuts. Add this mix to the eggs. Stir everything, mix it and put into an oven-safe container smeared with butter and flour. Bake at 180ºC for about 40 minutes.
Let it rest before you get it out of the mould and get ready to enjoy a sweet treat that will tele transport you back to Ca’n Bonico!