Products from Mallorca: ‘Huguet’ hydraulic tiles

As you already know, Mallorca is all about tradition. Even though the years keep passing by and this world seems to be running faster and faster each day, this beautiful island and its people have managed to keep Majorcan roots, tradition and culture a privileged spot amongst Mallorca’s residents and also visitors.

We’ve thought about interesting content you might want to discover when visiting our blog and we are starting a series of articles about authentic products from Mallorca for you to discover when visiting the island and, hopefully, take home with you after leaving!

Today we will start this series with a very traditional and yet contemporary product that you will be seeing in old Majorcan households, but also in new constructions.

‘Huguet’ hydraulic tiles from Mallorca

The history of the ‘Huguet’ factory dates back to the ‘30s. To be exact, it’s actually 1933 when Huguet factory was founded and, at that moment, was just one more of the hundred hydraulic tile factories in Mallorca.

Used in every Majorcan household, artisanal tiles where the must-have of that time! In the 70s the production focused on beams and cement pieces, loosing the tradition of tiles for a while. But in 1997, Biel Huguet, grandson of the founder of the factory and technical architect, returned to the Factory with one clear goal: recovering the hydraulic tiles.

Since then, the hydraulic tiles on the island have one name written on it and it’s only ‘Huguet’.

They manufacture hydraulic tiles, smooth tiles, tile mosaics, terrace tiles, washbasins, shower trays, sinks, stairs and all kinds of objects with his beautiful technique that has managed to survive important crisis’s in the sector only to become the Majorcan go-to Factory for hydraulic tiles.