Majorcan pastries: creativity and flavor

Do you need even more reasons to fall in love with Mallorca? Today we will tell you all about our favorite Majorcan pastries and we’re 100% sure that after trying the delicious pastries we’ll be talking about you’ll be able to say you’re a Mallorca-lover!

Our island is famous all over Europe for its gastronomy based on the Mediterranean diet. But there’s not so much information running around about Majorcan pastries. So, today we’ll recommend our favorite Majorcan pastries!

Majorcan pastries: ensaimadas, robiols and cocas

The island’s tradition and history carries a never-ending number of delicious sweet recipes with it. We could talk about many pastries, but we would like to name three, our favorite Majorcan pastries.

Ensaimada from Mallorca

Ensaimada is a product created in the 17th century and is one of the most famous Majorcan products around the world. Ensaimada from Mallorca is made out of water, flour, sugar, eggs and lard. All these ingredients form a spongy and fluffy sweet mass which then gets baked.

Can Bonico pastries Mallorca ensaimada food

Traditionally you will find two types of Majorcan ensaimada: the traditional plain ensaimada (with no filling) and the pumpkin strands in syrup ensaimada. But after becoming such a popular product on the island, you will also find ensaimadas filled with chocolate and cream, among many others.

Majorcan ‘robiols’

Another one of the traditional and well-known Majorcan pastry products are ‘robiols’. These pastries are typical during Easter in Mallorca, but you will be able to find them all-year around at any Majorcan bakery shop.

Traditional pastries from mallorca robiols Hotel Can Bonico

‘Robiols’ are made out of a crunchy and sweet dough and you will find ‘robiols’ filled with pumpkin strands in syrup, all kind of jams, quince and cottage cheese.

‘Cocas’ – A Majorcan propular pastry

Last, but not least, another one of the Majorcan pastries we would like to recommend you is the ‘coca d’albercoc’ (apricot coca), which is another one of the traditional Majorcan pastries there are.

delicious pastries from Mallorca coca Hotel Can Bonico

It is a sweet and very spongy pastry made out of flour, potato, sugar, sebum and yeast and on top they put fresh apricots, cinnamon and some sugar to add a special flavor and give this pastry a lovely look.

If you’re looking forward to trying these delicious pastries, we would recommend you to stop by the ‘Can Xasquet’ bakery shop, located in the center of Ses Salines very close by to our hotel. In this beautifu, traditionl ‘Forn’ you will be able to try all the mentioned pastries and many others. Enjoy!

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