Cycling routes near Hotel Ca’n Bonico

Cycling is a popular sport in Mallorca. The perfect weather conditions, varied terrain and bike-friendly setting are some of the reasons why this Mediterranean island attracts hundreds of cyclists every year. Professional teams visit Mallorca over the Winter to concentrate and practice for the season and amateur cyclists enjoy the impressive backdrop while going on exciting cycling routes all over the island.

Hotel Ca’n Bonico, your boutique hotel in Mallorca’s South, is located in Ses Salines, a charming town surrounded by some of the most impressive beaches of Mallorca. Our idyllic location also provides a great variety of cycling routes for you to enjoy while staying with us.

Best cycling routes in Mallorca’s South

Cycling route from Ses Salines to Es Caló d’es Moro

Going from Ses Salines to Es Caló d’es Moro is one of the most beautiful routes you can enjoy on a bike in Mallorca. This route is about 20 kilometres long and we could categorize it as ‘medium’ in terms of difficulty. The final prize, Caló d’es Moro, is one of the most stunning coves you will see on the island: rocks, sand and sea blend into a heart-warming image that will give you the strength to start your way back.

Cycling route from Ses Salines to Cala Figuera

The route from Ses Salines to Cala Figuera is about 12 kilometres long, which means it will take you about 35 minutes to get there. The best way to get there by bike is taking the highway MA-6100, which is not very busy. Cala Figuera is a fisherman little port with charming restaurants and cafés that offer a spectacular view of the Mediterranean. After enjoying this cycling route, you will be able to relax and soak up the Majorcan atmosphere there.

Cycling route from Ses Salines to Cala Sa Nau

Our final recommendation of beautiful cycling routes near Hotel Ca’n Bonico is a route going from Ses Salines to Cala Sa Nau. This is the longest cycling route, as you will take the highway MA-4012 and the 22 kilometres will take you about 1h10m. Cal Sa Nau is a perfect example of why beaches on the south-eastern coast of Mallorca can be so exceptional. Cala Sa Nau is small cove beach only about 50 metres wide and 70 metres deep that is surrounded by low-level limestone cliffs. Enjoy a nice drink at the beach bar before you head back to Ses Salines, where we will be waiting for you at Hotel Ca’n Bonico to recover from your cycling adventure!

For further information about these cycling routes or other recommended routes, please don’t hesitate to contact our front desk team at Hotel Ca’n Bonico, we will be happy to help!