Mallorca at Night – Where to Go at Dawn

As the sunlit days stretch out into the evening time and a coat becomes less essential to leave our boutique hotel, Mallorca’s nightlife begins to flourish. In addition to some special outdoor events, the island also has a myriad of vibrant hotspots our guests can explore to round off their summer days on Mallorca at night. With Ca’n Bonico’s location in Ses Salines, we will primarily focus on the southern part of Mallorca to make sure your way back home doesn’t become too much of a hassle.

Classical Music Festival in Santanyí

The Festival Internacional de Música Vila de Santanyí is an acclaimed event that brings a rich tapestry of classical music to the charming town of Santanyí. Celebrated annually, this festival attracts musicians of international stature, drawing both local and global music enthusiasts to its doors. The festival’s program features a diverse range of performances, from solo recitals and chamber music to orchestral concerts, showcasing both well-established pieces and contemporary compositions.

Set against the backdrop of Santanyí’s historic architecture, the festival not only offers a memorable musical experience but also enhances them with the town’s visual and cultural beauty. The festival has become a vital part of the island’s cultural calendar, celebrated for its artistic excellence and its role in bringing the community together through the universal language of music.

Mallorca at Night can bonico hotel mallorca ses salines classic music festival santanyi

S’embat: Festive Evening under the Stars

If you’re seeking an unforgettable night out, S’Embat is definitely the place to be. Located near the beach of Ses Covetes, this unique outdoor venue offers a blend of live music, entertainment, and dining under the stars, capturing the true essence of island nightlife. Known for its laid-back vibe and eclectic crowd, it serves up a spirited mix of performances ranging from local bands to renowned DJs, ensuring there’s always something to get your feet moving.

The venue’s rustic, open-air setup is adorned with fairy lights and colourful decorations, creating a magical and welcoming atmosphere. Guests can indulge in a variety of local and international delights, alongside a selection of refreshing cocktails, perfect for toasting to endless summer nights. Whether you’re dancing the night away or lounging with friends, S’Embat promises a vibrant and memorable evening, making it a must-visit hotspot during your Mallorca stay.

Seaside Bliss at Cassai Beach House

For a beachside setting, we recommend you take a quick 10-minute ride to the coast for a visit to Cassai Beach House. As evening descends, the ambiance of this seaside escape transforms into a lively yet relaxed nightlife spot. Guests can lounge on cushioned seating under softly glowing lights, with the Mediterranean breeze adding a touch of coolness to the warm summer nights.

The menu features a delectable array of Mediterranean dishes, prepared with local ingredients that promise to delight your palate. The drinks menu is equally exciting, offering everything from classic favourites to an extensive list of Gins. With its stunning ocean views, chic decor, and soulful background music, Cassai Beach House is an ideal spot for those looking to unwind and savour the night charm of the Balearics. Whether it’s for a romantic night out or a cheerful gathering with friends, Cassai ensures a wholesome evening under the stars.

Mallorca at Night can bonico hotel mallorca ses salines cassai beach house

The Night is Still Young

In close proximity to Hotel Ca’n Bonico you will find an enchanting mix of experiences that cater to every taste to experience Mallorca at night. From the cultural richness of the Festival Internacional de Música Vila, dancing under the stars at S’embat to the tranquil seaside ambiance of Cassai Beach House, the south proves itself a diverse and dynamic destination after dawn. Each venue and event uniquely captures the Mediterranean spirit, blending local traditions with contemporary flair. So, as the sun sets, go out there and seize the night.