Local Stories – Santapalma

​​Dive into the world of Santapalma, where a passion for Mediterranean nature meets a commitment to eco-conscious design. Follow Elisabeth Colom’s path as she transforms palm leaves into timeless accessories, celebrating the essence of Mallorca and weaving together tradition, sustainability, and style with every stitch.

From Architect to Artisan: Elisabeth’s Journey

In the heart of Mallorca, where the Mediterranean sun kisses the land with warmth and whispers stories of ancient traditions, Elisabeth Colom found her sanctuary. Born in Reus and shaped by Barcelona, her journey led to Mallorca, where she discovered not only a new home but also a profound connection to the island’s natural beauty. Elisabeth’s story is one of transformation and reconnection. As an architect by profession, she was drawn to the harmonious blend of modernity and tradition that defines the Mediterranean lifestyle. However, it wasn’t until she felt the urge to explore her creative instincts that the seeds of Santapalma were planted.

Santapalma Crafts with Care

Santapalma, a line of handcrafted bags made from the leaves of palm trees and linen clothes, embody Elisabeth’s passion for her adopted city, Palma, and her reverence for the Mediterranean nature that surrounds her. Inspired by the timeless elegance of palm leaves and the simplicity of Mediterranean design, Santapalma’s creations reflect a desire to strip away the unnecessary and embrace the essential. What sets the brand apart is not just its aesthetic appeal but also its commitment to sustainability and local craftsmanship. The founder collaborates with local artisans and workshops, ensuring that each item is meticulously crafted with care and attention to detail. By using natural materials and rejecting plastic, Santapalma champions ecological responsibility while celebrating the rich heritage of Mallorca.

Embracing Nature’s Beauty


Each Santapalma bag tells a story, a story of tradition, craftsmanship, and respect for nature. From the rustic charm of palm leaves to the timeless elegance of Mediterranean design, Santapalma embodies the essence of Mallorca. As the company continues to grow and expand its reach, they remain committed to the vision of creating sustainable, locally sourced accessories that resonate with people’s lives.

Santapalma is a reminder that true beauty lies in simplicity, and that the stories we weave with our hands are the ones that endure for generations to come.