Best markets in Mallorca

If you’ve been reading our blog in the past years, you will find that we like to talk about not only places to visit and important information about our hotel and surroundings, but we also really like to write about Mallorca, its essence, its roots and its many beautiful traditions.

In Mallorca we like to think about tradition as a way of holding on to what the essence of the island is about, being able to respect history and also tell new generations about what this island has to offer in so many aspects. Popular traditions and fiestas are a big, important aspect of living and visiting Mallorca and we try to keep it that way by promoting them in every way we can.

Markets in Mallorca

One of the most popular and ancient traditions we’ve got on the island is visiting a local market. If you visit Mallorca you will be surprised to find that almost every town and village has its own market, taking place once or twice a week. These local markets promote local shopping in every aspect there is. Not only will you find km0 products on the market, such as vegetables, fruits, fresh fish, but you will also find local crafts and all kind of authentic Majorcan gift ideas.

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Markets on the island showcase the best of our culture and gastronomy, becoming a must visit for anyone who visits the island and also for locals, as it is common to shop for fresh products at the local market, instead of going to the supermarket.

Markets in Mallorca’s Southeast

You will find many attractive local markets near Hotel Ca’n Bonico. Ses Salines, our hometown actually hosts its weekly market on Thursdays, so if you’re staying at our hotel you will only have to walk a couple of minutes to reach the market. Two of the most iconic markets in Mallorca’s South are the ones taking place in Santanyi and Campos. Both towns are a short car ride away from Hotel Ca’n Bonico and you will be able to dive into authentic Majorcan charm by visiting one of them.

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The market in Santanyi takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays and the market in Campos takes place on Thursdays and Saturdays.

We hope you enjoy this article about markets in Mallorca and would love to have you visiting Hotel Ca’n Bonico in the upcoming months to enjoy the many wonders Mallorca has to offer.